Multipart Backups For Max File transfer Limit

Hi restic community,

It seems that I have a question related to a transfer limit of 5GB imposed by my VPS provider that may limit the functionality of my restic backups over the wire.

I haven’t setup up the S3 Bucket yet due to wanting to be optimally sure of my research and testing before commiting to any form of backing up and restoring my data.

The VPS I use is Linode and it has a recommendation of using s3cmd(Linux), and cyberduck(windows,mac) for automatic multipart backups to S3 when the max file transfer of 5GB is reached. Storage - Object Storage | Linode

  1. My question is, does restic provide multiparting of the backups or reinstating a backup transfer at most recent transfer object when the 5GB limit is reached?

  2. Would there be any problems of let’s say a 100GB backup to the S3, that I might come to face?

  3. If there isn’t multipart backups available, and reinitiation of most recent object and continuation from there-in, would it be possible to route restic through the s3cmd or something similar?

Im still quite new to restic and have tested it in many different ways on local host, which I have to say I am impressed with.

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Have a smooth day all!!

The files produced by restic are far below 5GB. See the discussions about pack sizes where people celebrate that restic is now able to use up to 128MiB pack sizes.

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Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realize the packs were being uploaded a portion at a time, and with 128MiB, that’s a mansions room to spare till the limit.