Moved restic hosting provider, "wrong password"

I dug through the forum and it sounds like this ought to have worked; I’m moving from B2 to Wasabi. I used “rclone move” to relocate all my data from b2 to Wasabi. If I look in the root of my Wasabi bucket, I see:

If I use the aws s3 cli, I’m able to use the Wasabi creds I gave to Wasabi, list the repo and download the config. However, if I do “restic check”, I get Fatal: wrong password or no key found. RESTIC_PASSWORD is the same as I used with b2. It’s possible, though seems unlikely, that rclone corrupted the repo on the way over, is there anything else I can test, before I just drop the bucket contents and start a new repo? What did I do wrong here?

I’d first compare hashes of config and files under keys folder, due to this error.

If not, something with the repository URL could be confusing (an extra slash etc.) maybe?

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