Moved repo to different machine and now ciphertext verification failed


I reinstalled my NAS. I was using the restic docker container before and copied my restic data dir to a safe place. Then I reinstalled my NAS and I’m now using the restic package in NixOS. I copied the data dir back and started restic.

Now I’m getting these errors:

$ restic check --read-data --repo rest:http://myserver:9800 --password-file /home/xengi/.restic-backup --verbose                  
using temporary cache in /tmp/restic-check-cache-16523743
repository fa4e86df opened (version 2, compression level auto)
created new cache in /tmp/restic-check-cache-16523743
create exclusive lock for repository
load indexes
error: error loading index 1b90eeb2c8075f61cf4b7cd9664a1109b2d5b0987a2404b31c849d3f17ffa308: ciphertext verification failed
error: error loading index 5f5279d73cfcb297e4d7d0f757d9df12739fc7990aebf2eedf22061ebb162e53: ciphertext verification failed
error: error loading index aea80f1ca2baf13e9285be02af7dea99f7fa2be4aec46763c2994597ad4a8543: ciphertext verification failed
Fatal: LoadIndex returned errors

Any idea how to fix this? Or did I do something wrong?

IMHO it does not look good. Can you by any chance try it locally? But I am afraid it looks like corrupted data.

Seems the same locally. It’s fine. It’s just a backup. I’ll initialize a new repo and create new ones, but It’s weird that it failed.

Hm, if you still have the data, the first thing I’d do is run sha256sum on the files in the index/ subdir that restic complains about. Does the filename match the SHA256 hash? This will tell us where an error may have happened.

If the SHA256 hash matches, then the file was already damaged when restic created it (on the old machine) or the new machine has issue with it’s RAM or CPU. Maybe run memtest86 on it?

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I already removed the old repo. But I’ll run memtest to be sure. It’s ECC RAM so it should be fine.