Move social media to Mastodon / Fediverse?

I’m currently moving towards restic and skip my previous backup solution based on rsnapshot.
This took me over to GitHub, where I noticed, that the community is sadly only on Twitter / X which is esp. closed for non registred people.

So I like to ask if it might be a useful idea, if you start a account at the fediverse? This network, (sometimes only referenced as Mastodon) consists of a lot of servers, sharing social media, but also rich media like videos (peertube) or audio (funkwhale). It’s usually open and servers exchange content and do moderation. For my 4 years it is IMHO a nice place to stay and communicate :wink:

Many open source projects have already their accounts and also hackerspaces, hacker events, … have usually accounts on various (mostly mastodon) servers. Due to the focus, I would recommend to check out this server instance: if anybody is willing to start an official account? This can be validated back, by sharing the link back from the, so you would get a checkmark at your account.


I would also like that :innocent:

I am sure there is a lot of new and cool social media sites people experiment with but do not leave old and established ones like Twitter/X. This is where most people still are.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I just suggest adding the fediverse, as IMHO it is getting a momentum esp. for FLOSS projects, and it seems to me a very open way to inform and interact with a community.
I don’t say that this a reason to leave twitter / X, but for me and others, it would make sense to add this channel. And yes, I see that this might introduce more workload to the one which maintains this social media channels, as I don’t know a nice way to maintain it more than just automatic crossposting … :thinking:

How much activity related to restic is there on Twitter? I’m not using it and now that the resticbackup accounts cannot be read without an account, I can’t even take a look.

@fd0 what do you think about adding/moving to Mastodon?

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I’m also not using Twitter any more and would like to move the restic account to Mastodon. To me personally, Twitter is dead.

I’ve looked around and found fosstodon as the most matching instance, so we’ll try that. I’ll take this thread as the trigger to actually create an account :wink:

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Done: restic ( - Fosstodon