Move repository to

Hello, I’m wondering if there are any efforts here to host the repository on instead of github.

Some points, why Codeberg might be interesting:

  • Codeberg is founded as a non-profit and non-government organization
  • Dependencies on commercial, external, or proprietary services for the operation of the platform are thus decidedly avoided
  • Servers in Germany
  • European alternative to Github e.g.
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Hey @StarPicard and welcome to the restic community! :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for the maintainers of restic, but I have a gut feeling that this won’t be happening.
Not to discredit the makers of - I think it’s a cool project and for some teams this is a better alternative.

It might take a little while for one of the maintainers to get back at you here just FYI.

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There’d have to be a very compelling reason to uproot from the current host. There is a lot of history (issues, PRs) that may not be able to be migrated. Lots of documentation and links would need to be updated.

The benefit would have to outweigh all of that cost.

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I agree with @moritzdietz and @cdhowie: While codeberg is an interesting project (and I like that it’s hosted in Germany), we’ll stay at GitHub, at least for now.

The network effect of GitHub as a platform (enabling drive-by PRs and fixes) is very strong, and I’m looking into moving our CI tests to GitHub actions as soon as they become available. Having fewer moving infrastructure parts is better.

Thanks for the suggestion though!