Mounting as normal user on Linux

How would I do this? I don’t want to use sudo but still be able to browse the repo

You need permissions to use the fuse function of the kernel, so you need access to /dev/fuse. Can you please check the permissions and ownership of that device file? Maybe you need to be in a group like fuse on your system? What’s your distribution?

I’m on Linux Mint 17.3 – will check permissions later. Not at the machine currently

Additional restrictions (from the fuse man page):

  • The user can only mount on a mountpoint, for which it has write permission
  • The mountpoint is not a sticky directory which isn’t owned by the user (like /tmp usually is)

fuse is not even in /dev but scattered all over the place for instance in /sys/fs user is root

That sounds odd. Are you able to use other fuse-based file systems, e.g. sshfs?

I got fuse installed on another machine as well, and it’s not in /dev. It’s working on this other machine I use to mount GDrive.

So if using sudo is the way to go to mount I’ll try it again. With sudo I got no problems on this other machine. I can mount. Works on my other machine without sudo as well. I close this here then.

Okay, hm. That’s not really a satisfying solution, it should definitely work without sudo. If you ever find out why you need sudo on that particular machine, please let us know. :slight_smile: