Mounted backup asking for password when trying to open files

Hi there,

I just started working with restic and it is really great. But now I am facing a little “problem”.

I get to perfectly mount a repo and browse it. But I need to inform root’s password for each file I try to open.

I checked permissions and everything looks fine, i.e., data belonging to myself (r/w) and my group (r).

So, certainly I am missing or misunderstanding something here. But, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Can you paste the output or a screenshot of what you mean?

What do you mean “try to open”? editing the file on the CLI? Or some sort of GUI you’re using?

Either way this doesn’t sound like a restic problem but a permissions problem, but let’s see what you’re actually doing so we might be able to help diagnose further.

You may need to pass the --allow-other flag to mount if you’re browsing from a different system, or if your user doesn’t have permissions to access the data.

Hi again,

Sorry for the confusion. It was my mistake. Everything is working fine.