Mount not see using "df"

Hello friends,
I am new at this forum. At first: many thanks for this very good software!

I notice the following not so important fact: If I mount a cloud service via »rclone« I see something like the following after df -h:

RolfsOnedrive:       1,0P       0  1,0P    0% /home/nieprasc/onedrive

Beside the wrong sizes the information is helpful. In opposite: backup mounts with »restics« doesn’t show here anything. Why? Both mount processes have entries in /etc/mtab. I use version 0.8.3 of »restic« with linux (a recent kernel).


Hey, welcome to the forum! For a fuse-based file system to show this information, it needs to implement a special function which returns the data that df will display. We simply haven’t implemented this yet, although it’s probably not so hard to do.