"migration upgrade_repo_v2 cannot be applied: check failed"

When I run restic migrate upgrade_repo_v2 I’m getting this:

migration upgrade_repo_v2 cannot be applied: check failed
If you want to apply this migration anyway, re-run with option --force

restic check passes fine on the repo in question.

Using restic 0.14.0.


Are you sure the repository is not already upgraded to version 2? Which version does restic snapshots print? Or which version does restic cat config show?

Ah! Yes, I guess I already upgraded and forgot:

$ restic cat config
repository d59c3d15 opened (repository version 2) successfully, password is correct
  "version": 2,
  "id": "d59c3d1563165cc09ea4095c76bac7cf7515ae77799572306043131aece262e4",
  "chunker_polynomial": "339da299e79691"


Yeah I wrote about this error message hete

migrate: Report why an migration cannot be applied by MichaelEischer · Pull Request #3913 · restic/restic · GitHub adds a proper reason why the migration cannot be applied.

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