Migrating from S3 backend to GCS

I’m currently backing up to Google Cloud Storage using the S3 compatibility API. I wanted to try using the new GS backend instead, so I changed my repo URL from

s3:storage.googleapis.com/<bucket name>


gs:<bucket name>:/

When I try to run Restic however I get this error:

unable to open config file: service.Objects.Get: googleapi: Error 404: Not Found, notFound
Is there a repository at the following location?
gs:<bucket name>:/

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that I should be able to access the same backup repository using a different method since it’s just a collection of files, right?

I have a hunch: Historically, when no path is given after the bucket name in the s3 backend, the path /restic is used. So just give it a try with gs:bucket:/restic or use the GCS console to list the contents of the bucket. Is there a restic directory? Does it contain a file called config? Then that’s your repository. :slight_smile:

I had wondered about that and I guess I should have mentioned that in my previous post. I wasn’t sure offhand if “/restic” was assumed or not so I tried it both ways. When adding it, I get:

Fatal: wrong password or no key found

Earlier, I just assumed this was because adding restic was not the right path (hence “no key found”).

Between my working S3 config and this version, the only thing I changed was RESTIC_REPOSITORY. Is RESTIC_PASSWORD somehow tied to the backend URL?

Thanks for your help!

No, that should work just fine.

Can you check with the GCS console (or something like rclone) what’s in the bucket?

Sorry, I figured it out. The repository was still using the s3legacy layout and obviously the GCS backend doesn’t recognize it. I used the migrate command to update the format and now I can see the data using Restic with both backends.

Thanks again for your work on Restic!

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