Merge restic snapshots

I have a repository, called Photos, that is meant to be a container consolidating photos from various sources.

Each time, I back up pictures from one sources. For example, today I run restic backup \home\Android, tomorrow restic backup \home\Camera etc. This way I can easily mount and browse data (otherwise I have to search among snapshots for each set of photos).

The repository will contain many snapshots, each containing one set of data.

How to merge these snapshots into one?

The resulting snapshot will provide one root folder with sub folders \home\Android, \home\Camera, etc.

With encrypted mounts that don’t have snapshots like rclone, it’s straightforward to do. You simply dump your data into an encrypted remote. I want to do the same with restic.

Or perhaps restic already presents snapshots that way (I havent done it yet to see)?

There is no such command or feature in restic currently, AFAIK. You’ll have to keep mounting and browsing the snapshots folders, which presumably isn’t much of a problem to do.

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