Lstat "no such file or directory" error


Recently when running a backup with restic I’m getting the error message:

error: lstat /home/XXXXX/.config/vlc/vlc-qt-interface.conf.lock: no such file or directory

And the warning:

Warning: at least one source file could not be read

Any idea what would cause this? When I check that location, the lock file is not there, but why would restic care?

It doesn’t seem to cause any issues as the backup snapshot is still created.


File might be there when restic first checked. If the files are moving around (e.g. you’re running/closing some apps and they place temporary files) this is a normal informational warning.

The file existed at the point in time when restic scanned the filesystem (listing files) to know which files to process. The file then no longer existed when restic was about to process it (investigating files to know whether they need to be read at all or if they haven’t changed and therefore doesn’t need to be read again since the last backup run that included them).

Not sure what you mean by this. Restic cares because you asked it to back up that file (by it being included in some directory that was part of what you asked restic to back up). So if a file it was asked to back up disappears during the backup run, it naturally notifies you. In this case it doesn’t seem like a relevant file though.

Thanks for the replies!