Lots of duplicate data


I’ve been testing restic for a couple of days now (looks perfect for my needs). I’m backing up to one repo from two computers. Today I ran a check and got lots of “not referenced in any index” messages. Followed by “43 additional files were found in the repo, which likely contain duplicate data.”

I then ran prune which says it freed up 192.757 Mib out of 876.601 MiB. There is only 4 snapshots in the repo.

Guessing there is some kind of bug here?

Have you done partial backups/cancelled backups before they’re finished?

Oftentimes this is the result of an aborted/interrupted backup. Did you interrupt restic some time in the past?

The next run of restic prune will take care of the additional files.

Ahr that’s probably it. Now that I think about it I might have aborted once. Thanks for your help