List all files ever backed up?

Does Restic offer a simple way of browsing all files that have ever been committed to a repository? Consider the following example:

  1. I create Snapshot A which adds File 1
  2. I then created Snapshot B which removed “File 1” again and adds “File 2”
  3. Now I want to, for example, mount the repository and have a simple way of listing all files the repo still remembers, i.e. File 1 AND File 2, ignoring that File 1 has been removed from source.

Is this possible or do I have to write some hacky script that juggles my data as I need it?

Main reason for this is that I sometimes have to look for files which I don’t remember when they were removed exactly, making this awfully slow as I back up every day. Scale this up by 1-2 years, you see the issue I’m facing.

Many thanks in advance!

Edit: I know I can mount the repo and browse through each snapshot and host individually. This however still only shows the files stored at the time of the snapshot creation on the source (in the example above File 1 would be missing and be contained in a different snapshot).

You can always restic find '*' if you want, but generally speaking your use case is not something that a backup software designed around snapshots is made to support. Searching for files is however supported, as you can see.

I changed the topic title to be more in line with what you are actually asking.