Large cache size?

I also have a problem with a very large cache. My system has 264 GB of data to be backed up by restic, and it generates a 124 GB large cache for that. That’s almost 50% of the size of the backup. This is creating significant shortage of storage. I’m backing up dozens of systems with restic, and on all other systems the cache is usually in the area of < 10GB, even with much larger backup data sets.

It also appears that cache is current and cache --cleanup doesn’t change the size of it:

Repo ID     Last Used   Old  Size
e2601048ad  0 days ago       123.418 GiB
1 cache dirs in /root/.cache/restic

Is there any way to investigate what is going on? Why exactly this cache grows to that large size?

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I figured out what had happened: Somehow the forget --prune job was not running (yet to be determined why). This mean that instead of 14, there were 220 snapshots. After pruning the unneeded snapshots, the cache size decreased from 124 GB to 8GB.


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Glad you figured it out yourself and took the time to report back, that may help other people running into the same issue :slight_smile:

I’ve split the post as a new topic, it does not have anything to do with the other posts and has its own solution.