Is there a way to check progress of backup after closing SSH?

I’m running a long restic backup on my Debian based NAS right now. It was originally estimated to be about ~45 hours or so.

Is there any way to check on the progress of the backup after closing the SSH window? I’m curious to see how far along it is now.

Use screen or t-mux.

If you don’t, then when you closed your SSH session you terminated all programs running there - including your backup

Neither of these are standard bash functions, nor do they appear in the Restic documentation. What is this?

If you google linux screen or tmux I’m sure you’ll find the answer.

Google is your friend here.


Ah. Ok. The command is still running, is it not possible to view the output of it without restarting the command?

I am not aware how to do it.

Next time redirect output to some log file.

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It’s technically possible I think, see e.g. point #2 at .

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Interesting, I’ll give it a try, thank you.

You might also give reptyr a try. As a disclaimer: I’ve haven’t tested whether it works with restic or causes problems.

I realize this comment is likely coming in too late to be of use to you now but thought it might help someone else later in the same situation. This is a comment from the peanut gallery, that is someone who has not touched a unix machine in over a decade so be wary of this comment. You may not be able to see the output to get information on the status but you might be able to see the input to give information on the status. What I am suggesting is to use a command to see what files are open by restic. I am presuming that restic methodically goes through directories and files. By occasionally looking at what files are open you may be able to determine a rough status. To get the pid:

ps -ef | grep -i restic

Then using the pidnumber

lsof -p pidnumber | more

Since restic is written to use multiple cpus there will be many files open but it may give a hand waving approximation regarding the status.

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