Is restic ready for production, i.e. most critical files? Or has it cause data corruption in the history?

Hi thanks for the wonderful backup tool! I wonder whether it is ready to be used for the most critical data, and has it lost any data in the past? This is because I see the version is <1.0 currently.

I personally wouldn’t hesitate a second to trust it with my most valuable data.

I have been using it for many years, for both my family’s backups as well as some customers data, and it has never failed me despite having been given a not so easy time. I’ve had corrupted data at times but never due to restic - in fact it has been the key to being able to determine what has been affected by outside factors and to fixing it, with its integrity checks, etc.

Regarding the version, don’t read too much into a version number, it’s just a number. Generally speaking I can’t think of anyone who would say that it isn’t ready to be used in production. After all, it’s been used in production by a ton of users for many years :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I also find resitc looks so good (that’s why I explicitly made a post to confirm its stableness) and cannot wait to try it :slight_smile: