Is recompression resumable?

Hi all,

I’d like to recompress all my data.

Is restic prune --repack-uncompressed --pack-size 64 resumeable?

Not yet, prune only updates the index after completing the whole repack operation. For now, you’ll have to limit the amount of data that is repacked by specifying --max-repack-size data-size.

I assume you mean “compress” (as in from uncompressed to compressed) and not “recompress” (compressed to some other form of compressed)?

As a side note: recompression (i.e. decomressing and compressing again, e.g. using a different compression level) can never be resumable - at least not without saving extra data outside of the repository.

The simple reason is that the used compression level for some given blobs is not saved in the repository. Therefore it is impossible to differentiate between blobs having compression level A and blobs having compression level B (and any re-compression step would not be able to identify what has been already processed in a previous step).