Is my repo corrupt and lost forever?

I have been backing up to a repo for the last 4 years on backblaze with no issue.

Suddenly, I get an error “Fatal: wrong password or no key found” whenever trying to access the repo.

The password is stored in an encrypted wallet and I just copy paste it whenever I need to. There is no chance it is wrong.

I accessed the repo through backblaze web interface and the config and key files are retrievable with no problems.

I have been using restic 0.9.1 the entire time and haven’t upgraded my software or OS at all.

Is my repo corrupted? Are all 1.6TB gone forever?

Please help.

Can you try with a recent restic version? I wonder whether there’s just a problem with restic communicating with B2. When did you last access the repository successfully?

I haven’t tried with a newer version but the last time it worked was about a week ago.

I also created a new repository and that works just fine so I really doubt there’s some breaking API change.

Download your repository and try again.

What does that (downloading the repo) even mean in this context, where the whole point is to have a remote repository? Plus it is 1.6TB, thus not easily downloadable.

You can download your keyfile and build the SHA-256 checksum of it.
Is the result different to the filename, then your keyfile is somehow damaged. A broken keyfile has the same effect like forgetting the password.
Do you have more than one keyfile or a backup/copy of your keyfile?

For an initial test it should be enough to download the keys folder and the config file. If I remember correctly the restic doesn’t access other parts of the repository before having the proper key to access it.

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At least, the command

restic -r my-restic-repo key list

do not need more.

If the keyfile and the password is ok, it print out the list of keyfiles.
If not, “Fatal: wrong password or no key found” will be displayed

Thanks for all the help guys. I tried it again this morning and it suddenly started working again after 5 days of not working.

I guess backblaze was having errors that weren’t being exposed to the UI?

Very strange.

In fact, very strange. Sad that we will never find out what went wrong.
I mean, imagine this would happen in a Desaster Situation. Might increase pulse rate a bit :wink: