Is It Time for v1.0?


Time for v1.0? With the CERN article and my own experience, I would say restic is production ready. Plus it makes it easier to sell to those-who-must-be-obeyed.



I’ll be a downer here and say that it’s absolutely not ready for v1.0 unless we want to concede that big backups just aren’t part of scope. There are a number of really bad performance problems that come up that make big backups kind of impossible or at least miserable.

Everything from huge memory consumption (tens of GB) to major CPU usage. We just backup our DB with restic (one big dump file a few times a week), and prune is so slow we don’t even bother with it. It’s a real bummer.

If we want to say these are out of scope and document accordingly (I’m not opposed to this if it’s realistic), seems like v1 isn’t crazy.

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