Is it possible to store restic backups in gitea?

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I have a gitea runnning and was curious to know if it would be possible to store the backups made with restic into gitea. Is this possible? Are there drawbacks to this idea?

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What problem or use case are you trying to solve by wanting to do this? And can you clarify what you mean by storing the backups in Gitea - do you mean that Gitea would act as a storage backend for the repository, or do you mean like committing the restic repository into a Git repository when backups have been run?

I’m searching for a remote destination to store my backups while following the rules of my company within the ressource that I can access at work. Currently I just started using restic and my backups are only local and I would like to change that.
A coworker told me that it is rather impractical to configure a new S3 bucket while following the companies rules. Then I read that restic uses repositories to store backups and we have a gitea server running here. While researching, I couldn’t find any information that somebody stores restic backups on a gitea server. I hope this sheds some light what I try to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your best bet would be to investigate if rclone can be used with your gitea server. Restic can use rclone to store repositories in any backend supported by it.

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Of course you can backup into a local git repo and then commit that to a server but I don’t think that is very efficient and, depending on the size of your restic repo, that will probably not be the best tactic to become good friends with the folks running the gitea instance.

Maybe check out things like an external hard drive or

If “in gitea” (which is just a UI for multiuser git service) means “in git repository” than short answer is no (just to avoid any doubts and trade-offs here :slight_smile:

Longer answer: technically it’s possible to store any binary data in git but it’s slow, space-inefficient and literally always makes no sense because there are better tools for that.



Have you seen rest-server the prefered backend for remote backups GitHub - restic/rest-server: Rest Server is a high performance HTTP server that implements restic's REST backend API. see it is compliance with your company policies.

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