Is it possible to restore only changed\new files?

Good Day.

I already restored my cloud backup (office PC) to a specific folder on my home PC. Today I’ve decided to update it and it seems that restic is redownloading everything…

Is this supposed to happen? Is there any way to restore only changed/new files?

Thank you.

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Without knowing what restore command you ran, it’s impossible to say. But restic should indeed restore what you ask it to restore.

Note that every snapshot contains/references the full set of files that you asked restic to back up in that snapshot, a snapshot doesn’t only reference the files that were changed since the previous snapshot you ran. I guess this is an important point to understand in the context of your question.

Restic restores what you ask it to restore. If you want to restore only parts of a snapshot, you’ll have to include or exclude part of the snapshot using the options to the restore command. Please see restic help restore and also restic help diff (the latter can help you see what changed between snapshots).

If you only want to restore certain parts of your snapshot(s), you can also use the restic mount command to get a browsable view of the backup contents in your repository (assuming your platform/OS supports FUSE).

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I use something like this restic -r rclone:XX:/backups/YY/ restore --target L:/backup/

Anyways, it looks like I was mistaken and I just had a lot of new info added so it took some time to restore :wink:

Thanx for clarifying information on restic restore!

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