Is it possible to recover data from a deleted repo's cache?


I’m curious about a certain scenario I have. Long story short I lost some files that aren’t all that important but would be nice to have.
I had backed up the directory previously to Wasabi using restic mostly as a test. However I deleted the Wasabi bucket while doing some re-organization.
I was thinking of any places I might have saved said files, and realized I still have the cache directory that restic had created for said repo, as well as the original passphrase, S3 URL, etc.

Is there any way to use the information I have to extract data from the cache (either through restic itself or by hand)? I read through the design docs, and I’m assuming it’s impossible due to a missing config file, but I’ll admit cryptography is not exactly my forte.


It would be possible to create a fake config file. However, that won’t help in your case. The cache only contains directory metadata, not the actual file contents. Oh, and knowing the passphrase is not sufficient, you need the keys from the keys/ directory to decrypt anything.

Got it, thanks for the info! At least I know I don’t need to hang on to this cache directory then. :slight_smile: