Is AWS SSO authentication supported

We are using AWS SSO to login and authenticate to aws services (Configuring the AWS CLI to use AWS Single Sign-On - AWS Command Line Interface). However it seems that this does not work with restic. All aws sdk support sso authentication, maybe only a dependency is missing?

We using the minio go sdk and not the aws sdks. From a quick glance it looks like it would be necessary to introduce a completely new authentication flow to get credentials via SSO.

restic currently only supports the standard S3 access keys. If it is possible to retrieve such (temporary) keys for an SSO login, then it’s probably relatively simple to extend restic to support them. But someone would have to figure out the necessary steps and work on a pull request.

In the aws console of the AWS SSO page we can get temporary access keys, which work with restic. So this should work as a workaround