Introduction as a new restic user

Hello all. Just want to introduce myself as a new user of restic. I plan to use restic for backup purposes (duh … ). When I moved to Finland I decided to use rclone to backup from my machines to google one and up to now that has worked fine. The first few weeks were a bit of a hassle due to googles ID I had to procure. After that everything went swimmingly. When I discovered restic (by accident really) it looks as if restic is easier to use than rclone. At the same time, somewhere it said that restic uses rclone under cover of (something). Maybe I will still be using rclone, just without realizing it.

Hope to find some great solutions here and maybe get to know some people (or at least their user ids :slight_smile: ). Greetings to all!



Regarding rclone; Restic comes with a number of storage backends for where you can store your backup repository out of the box, e.g. any S3 compatible storage, the REST-server backend, SFTP, Backblaze B2, etc.

But beyond that it also supports the rclone backend, which lets you use any of the backends that rclone supports as well, e.g. Google Drive, Storj, OneDrive, etc. All you need to use this is the rclone binary alongside the restic binary.


Thank you for your response! I especially like the links that should provide an insight into the restic tool. I am not sure yet, whether I will continue to use google drive, because one of the features is a very slow download and upload when applying to large quantities. So, hopefully your links will help educate and inform! About rclone, if I can find a way to do everything with restic, that would be fine, but I have no objections to using restic as well as rclone and I suspect as long as I use google drive, I will have to.

Thank you for your response!