"Interactive" mode? Change upload limits & excludes on the fly

It would be pretty neat if restic had an option to append excludes and change the upload-limit, as well as possibly pausing the process (for a set time even?) while running a backup.

Initial backups of reasonably large drives over the internet are somewhat awful right now and something along those lines would help a lot imo.

You can run restic in conjunction with rclone to connect to B2 (your backend I guess). This allows you to define a timetable for bandwith limits to reduce upload speed for a time period like business hours.

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Just wanted to add that @alexweiss has been working on a PR to resume from an aborted backup. I don’t know how stable it is as I’ve not tested it myself but wanted to mention it in case you are keen enough to try it out.

Just to clarify; Restic already 100% safely resumes from aborted backups. You can abort and restart a backup however much you want, restic will only upload what hasn’t already been uploaded. The difference with the PR you mentioned is that with the PR restic doesn’t have to re-scan all files to know what to upload and not (at the cost of a temporary file, as I understand it). So it might be useful in some cases, but if you don’t have a problem with restic scanning your files again it’s of limited point I think.