Insufficent backup privileges (Backup of C:\Users)

My attempt to save C:\Users keeps running into an error. The user with whom I start the backup has administrator rights. In addition, I have granted all rights to C:\Users.
What do I have to change so that restic can back up the folder?

C:\Users\backup>restic --use-fs-snapshot --verbose --iexclude-file "C:\Users\backup\restic\restic_exclude.txt" backup C:\Users
open repository
repository b58d8033 opened successfully, password is correct
lock repository
load index files
using parent snapshot 19660b2c
VSS error: The caller does not have sufficient backup privileges or is not an administrator: E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005)

Did you open cmd window as administrator?

If you get stuck try this sudo for windows - it works

Of course not. But as soon as I used an administrative shell, it worked. Oh man, sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.
Thank you for solving the mystery so quickly, Jim.

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I believe scheduled jobs with windows task scheduler can also run as administrator. There’s a checkbox somewhere in the job setup.