Installation of restic in ubuntu

I could not install restic software using the apt-get install restic . Package not found error is happening. I did apt-get update and tried. still not working.

I downloded binary restic-0.9.5.tar.gz from Extracted it and tried to install as per this post using ./configure. But after extracting, it does not have configure or bin folder.

I do not have any experience in Ubuntu. Please tell me how to install the software after extracting restic-0.9.5.tar.gz file in Ubuntu.

Assuming a 64-bit kernel, just get the prebuild 0.9.5 binary for Linux amd64, uncompress it, mark it executable, and move it where you want it.

You can do this by running these commands as root:

wget -O restic.bz2
bunzip2 restic.bz2
chmod +x restic
mv restic /usr/local/bin/

Additionally you can check out the documentation online here:

There exist also a PPA for Ubuntu. Look at

But please note that this is not an “official” PPA. So if this is outdated or varies from the released binaries please contact the maintainer of that PPA.

I installed the snap version in classic mode. That way, it will automatically stay updated.
sudo snap install restic --classic