Initial backup almost doubled in size on B2 target

Hi there!

I needed to setup some new backup solution recently, as my previous solution (Duplicati) broke down irreparably, and I turned to restic based on recommendations. I am still not sure exactly how it all works, and need to get more accustomed to the tool to feel fully confident in my new backup. As such, I’m terribly new to restic. Now to my issue.

I did an initial backup of my ~2,5TB of data to a B2 bucket, which took forever, but seems to have completed fine. I can see loads of data being uploaded to the remote bucket, but the size reported there is 4,4TB. It seems to my untrained eye that it is all located under the same repository (called “restic”), so I guess that means that this was done by that initial backup. But why is the size so big? How can I inspect and get more info about the remote files, and determine the cause?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know that I can help with your initial question (doubled size), but there are a couple of threads you might want to read through:

Suggest you do a backup locally to see what happens with space. You don’t have to back up the whole 2+TB. The backup shouldn’t be twice the size of the content, it should be about the same size, give or take.