Info on the usage of --pack-size option

During the initial creation of my repository i’ve added the --pack-size 64 flag. On further snapshots i didn’t bother to set the flag every time because i thought it will be set for all further snapshots in the repo. On inspection the size of the files in the data folder (I assume that’s the pack size) are around 17MiB , which is inline with the default size of 16 rather than the 64 I set.
So Few questions,

  1. Can I change the pack size of an individual snapshot or is pack size directly fixed to the restic repo during initialization and can’t be changed?
  2. Should I add the --pack-size 64 flag everytime I create a snapshot?
  3. Is there a command to check the set pack size value of the repo?

Short answer: You have to add this option everytime you run a command which creates pack files.

A possibilty would be to store this option in the repository config file. But this is not yet implemented in restic.