I want df to show more about the source

Some typical df output:

Filesystem                     Type             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
server:/export                 nfs4              11T  8.9T  1.4T  87% /server
restic                         fuse             0.0K  0.0K  0.0K    - /mnt

What I would like to get is similar to what nfs does:

restic:repo_name               fuse             0.0K  0.0K  0.0K    - /mnt

Is that possible at all? If so I would open a git issue

Possible maybe, however, any value returned by restic wouldn’t be comparable to a traditional filesystem and be rather slow to compute (imagine running the stats command).

the name of the repo would be sufficient for me. I just want to see at one glance which repositories are mounted.

Of course I can imagine that this would lead to more wishes in that direction …

Changing the fs name would actually be rather simple: restic/cmd/restic/cmd_mount.go at 2280fbfd2e8e3b6eeba8ebaa95d06b9e4519ced9 · restic/restic · GitHub . However, I don’t completely understand what you mean with “repo_name”? We could show the repository ID that shown when opening a repository repository a14e5863 opened (version 2, compression level auto). I don’t think that we should show whatever path was passed to the --repository option of restic.

Yes, the repository id is less complex, so it is better.

With that in place, I can check that id against

restic cat config | jq .id

Can you open an issue on Gihub? We’re tracking feature requests there.