How to use Restic with Rclone?

I’ve been using Rclone for File synchronization. It works well except that it doesn’t do delta transfer and uploads entire file for any changes. Found that Restic does do delta transfers and works with Rclone. However, I could find any relevant documentation for the usage. Could anyone please help in using Restic with Rclone for sync command? This is the command that I use for Rclone:

rclone sync source:path dest:path [flags]

How can I use above command with restic?

Thanks in Advance.

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@akkitech I did the same as you asked to do and I found your method really helpful. :heart_eyes:

You should definitely make use of the rclone integration in restic:

$ restic -r rclone:mybackend:path_to_repo init

where “mybackend” is your rclone backend and “path_to_repo” is the path inside your rclone remote.

If you want to have two backups it’s best practice not to sync your local repo, but to backup to two different restic repos, just in case one is broken. You can also make use of the “restic copy” command to sync restic repos between local and some rclone remote.