How to test Restic backups?

I wonder if I do the following

restic -r $REPO check —read-data

Does that completely test that the backup can be recovered correctly?

Or do I have to “restic restore” (or mount) and then run a diff command between the source and the recovered repo?

The restic check command you mention is enough to show that your data is technically recoverable. If it succeeds, the data in the repo is consistent and can be fully read to restore your data.

There are several human errors, you might only discover with a restore (not recover) or a mount command, e.g.: Did you include everything you want to restore? Did you accidentally use a too broad exclude option and some file are missing? If done from another machine, you will see if you remember the password.

So it still makes sense to try the restore process. But technically, the check should be sufficient.


Ok, thanks. Replaced “recover “ to “restore “.