How to restore backup using Restic Program

I am using Dell inspiration system and using Window 10 in it. I created backup using easeus now I am trying to restore my backup in new NVMe U.2 SSD drive using Restic Back up tool but it is showing an error.

Can I restore backup file of other software with Restic Tool.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can as long as other software is using restic repository format. Restic is open source and anybody can freely implement its format. Good example is rustic.

As whether your backup software is restic compatible you should seek advice in its documentation or community.

From what I have read EaseUS is a partition manager and cloning tool, so the answer is no, restic cannot restore the backup from this tool.

I haven’t used Windows in recent times, but I am not sure you will ever easily restore a full Windows backup that includes all installed software still functional and full activation of the original license on different hardware.


@jackhicks121 If you have backed up some data and have trouble restoring it and are getting errors, the next step is to establish what those errors are telling you and act accordingly. There should be no problem restoring restic backups using restic itself.

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If I’m reading this right… you already made a backup using EaseUS Todo Backup and are trying to restore it with Restic?

To clarify… did you backup the EaseUS backup file with Restic? And then you’re restoring the EaseUS backup file with Restic, then restoring the EaseUS backup file with EaseUS Todo Backup?

Cause Restic definitely can’t read and restore EaseUS Todo Backup files directly. It could totally store a backup of the backup, then restore the backup file itself - but it can’t extract the EaseUS Todo Backup file. Likely the only program that can do that is EaseUS Todo Backup. The two backup programs are not interchangeable.

Also… what “error” is it showing? Is there a specific reason you’re trying to use Restic for this?

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