How to install Restic to restore Local WP Backup

Hi everyone!

I was building my new website using Local WP, unfortunately I had to reinstall my MacBook Pro, after making a back-up of my Local WP website to Dropbox with the build in Local WP Cloud Backup.

After installing all of my apps again, I’ve tried to get my Local WP back running. Unfortunately, after getting back the backup to Local, the Wordpress version keeps searching, and I can’t get acces to WP at all.

The guys of Local WP advised me to use Restic to get the back-up working. Unfortunately I’m not really into things like this, and I can’t figure out how to install Restic, and how to use it.

Can anyone help me with this please?

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How to install restic is explained on the website: restic · Backups done right!

Thanks Rawtaz!

unfortunately I don’t really understand how it works the way it’s described on the website.

Then what is your real/actual question?

How can I install Restic and restore my backup in Local WP, in easy terms.
I’m not into coding or anything.

I does not look that Restic has an app installer. So how can I install it then?
Is there a code for I have to enter in Apple’s Terminal or…?

What part of the instrucations is it that you don’t understand, and in what is unclear to you? It seems extremely straight forward to me, e.g.: Installation — restic 0.12.1 documentation

And once you did that you simply run restic, in this caes you want to restore files from your backup so you would use the restore command as explained here: Restoring from backup — restic 0.12.1 documentation

Let’s rewind though; If you have no idea how the backup was created using restic in the first place, do you even have the URL to your repository and the password to it? You need those to point restic to the repository where your backups are stored, as well as for restic to be able to decrypt and read it. If you don’t have this information you need to get that somehow first. If your WP was using restic back up stuff, I presume you configured that somewhere in WP at some point.

If “repository URL” is new to you I suggest you read a bit in the docs here: Preparing a new repository — restic 0.12.1 documentation - you need some basic understanding of the concept I suppose :slight_smile:

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@Alexander.V I found this as the first hit on DDG when I searched for “local wp backup restic”, perhaps it helps? Manually Restore a Cloud Backup with Restic - Local