How to get the latest version for debian 9 on armhf

apt-get installed restic_0.3.3-1+b2_armhf.deb can I get a more recent version from somewhere?
Obviously I need armhf, no …?


You should be able to use a restic from a more recent debian release, as go binaries (and therefore restic) have basically no dependencies on any system libraries.

There are also prebuilt restic binaries available at . The ARM binaries just require ARMv5 compatibility which seems to match armel. I don’t see a reason why these shouldn’t work on armhf which apparently means ARMv7 which has Hardware Floating point support.

thanks, I moved the file into /usr/bin – or should it rather go to /usr/local/bin?

Files in /usr/bin are the exclusive property of dpkg (sort of). I’d strongly recommend to place files that are not installed via a .deb-package into /usr/local/bin.

I’ll keep it in /usr/bin from /usr/local/bin I can’t call it…