How to configure Restic for idrive e2

I am very new to linux and restic, but am learning fast. I’ve been able to install restic on debian, but cannot get it to connect to my idrive e2 s3 compatible storage. Can someone share a sample restic configuration file (.restic.env). Specifically, I seem to be having trouble with the RESTIC_REPOSITORY parameter.

Thank you

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It is S3 storage. Make sure you create bucket in e2 s3 web ui and use provided credentials. URL will differ depending on what region you created bucket in.

Otherwise it is the same as any other S3 storage provider.

If you can not connect share what you are attempting and somebody will help.

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Please check that you are using restic v 0.16.0 (restic version will tell you). If not, please install the release from here: Release restic 0.16.0 · restic/restic · GitHub

Like @kapitainsky says - if you don’t provide any useful information for debugging your problem (e.g. the complete command you run, the environment it runs with, and the output of the command), then it’s very hard to help you.

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Welcome, I’m new too and I think restic is great.