How to access the summary metadata from a snapshot?

I’d like to access metadata about a past backup (later, after the backup has been created). I found a very promising GitHub commit that seems to imply that exactly that information is stored in every snapshot, in summary substructure. Is there a way to access this data? I can’t find it either in restic stats nor restic cat. Help?

(restic version restic 0.16.0 compiled with go1.20.6 on linux/arm64)

@zzen As you can see the issue you have been linked is still open for restic. restic so far doesn’t save the summary information within the snapshot - though I hope it gets it also gets implemented within restic some time.

Doh! Sorry for sloppy reading and thanks @alexweiss… I just saw “I now save in rustic the stats” at the start of the comment and two referenced merged/closed issues at the end of that thread and assumed… Anyway: +1 to that being really useful and welcome addition for monitoring backups.