How can I see the delta between two snapshots?

Hello all,

know, I’ve install restic successful and it’s running fine automatic via daily cron job.
But I can’t find any topic in the documentation, how can I see the delta between to snapshots.

I need to see, what files are newer as one day before and how much bytes are newer.

Thanks for pushing again.


See restic help diff :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that’s it.

I’ve been pondering this on and off and have finally figured it out, alongside jq. In my case I want to select snapshots by the tag “quick”, and group by tag only. This jq command walks through the snapshots of all groups, maps the “id” field to an array, and joins each result with a space, which formats it into a string which restic diff can process.

restic diff --no-lock $(restic snapshots --no-lock --json --latest 2 --group-by tag --tag quick | jq --raw-output '(.[].snapshots | map(.id) | join(" "))')

If you’re not changing the default grouping, this command omits walking through the groups thus. Using --tag is at your discretion.

restic diff --no-lock $(restic snapshots --no-lock --json --latest 2 --tag quick|jq --raw-output '(map(.id) | join(" "))')