How can I list all the files in a snapshot, or collection of snapshots? I'd like to find some specific files

Hi all,

I have a series of backups that have been going for some years now. In particular my photos.

I want to look at the files to find them. What I did was list all my snapshots similar to this:

restic -r /srv/restic-repo snapshots

Then I found my snapshot and did something like this:

restic -r /srv/restic-repo snapshots --path="/srv/photos"

That’s great, I see hundreds of snapshots from my regular automated backups that have been running.

How can I then look inside those snapshots to see which one has the file/s I want to recover? That’s where I’m stuck.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Did you play around with

restic ls SNAPSHOTID


It’s undefined what you mean by “look inside”, but similar to @betatester77’s suggestions here are a few options:

  • Use restic ls to list the files contained in a snapshot`.
  • Use restic restore to restore some or all files contained in a snapshot.
  • Use restic mount (on supported platforms) to get a browsable file structure with the files in your snapshots.

Thank you so much. I found that the best bet for me was to use the mount command.
Then I basically entered the mount, did a tree > /home/resticFileStructure.txt and then I had that file to peruse and find what I needed. I very much appreciate your help.

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