Help with Backblaze setup in MacOsx Catalina 10.15.7

Hi ,
running into issues in catalina 10.15.7 when setting up env variables for the restic backup application to run in B2 backend. The need was to have the B2_ACCOUNT_ID and B2_ACCOUNT_KEY in the enviorment variable for the restic backup to use , not temporarily but permanently .


The ~/bash_profile now exists and displays the edited files in nano

-however when i use the echo command it shows the variable (B2_ACCOUNT_ID) but no value for the variable (B2_ACCOUNT_ID) . And the restic application also throws this error

Fatal: unable to open B2 backend: Account ID ($B2_ACCOUNT_ID) is empty

also the printenv command does not display the variable nor its value .
please help

The filename should start with a dot, like so: ~/.bash_profile. Once you’ve renamed the file, try source ~/.bash_profile and re-run restic. If restic still complains please post the content of your .bash_profile (after redacting sensitive information).

thank you sir . the solution worked