Help needed to install on Raspberry Pi


I’m trying to install restic on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I was able to install it via

$ apt-get install restic

But, as mentioned, this is only version 0.3.3. restic self-update doesn’t work on this version.

Can anyone explain me how I can install restic in another way? I know there are “pre-compiled packages”, but have no clue what do do with it :frowning:

Thanks a lot in advance!


Quote: “Just download and run the one matching your system”.

Wasn’t sufficient enough information for me.

I copied it to /usr/bin to make it work as it should be. Thanks anyway

What part of “Just download and run the one matching your system” is unclear? How can we improve that part in the manual (without going into too much or OS specific detail)?

Rclone docs is pretty noob-proof:

They also have a very easy installation script, which is OS independant… Can solve a lot of effort for a lot of people I assume.

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