Having http error while restoring backup

This was my question in a community chat “Does anyone know a way to completely backup server, so after making mess (new packages, making changes to system) i can revert back like server is freshly installed? without using reinstall option”

and i received this answer
Pin this in case you feel like people should know how to apt install rclone restic Run rclone config to make an rclone config Alternatively: mkdir -p .config/rclone and upload rclone.conf to /root/.config/rclone to use a config you've made on your PC After that, run restic -r rclone:remote:Backups init to make the backup repository (Don't forget your password, ever) To backup, run restic -r rclone:remote:Backups -x / (type carefully, without -x you'll end up backing up things that shouldn't be) When you need to restore, you can either mount or restore the backup. To mount (requires FUSE/KVM): restic -r rclone:remote:Backups mount /mnt and open another terminal to see your files in /mnt/snapshots/latest To restore: restic -r rclone:remote:Backups snapshots to see what snapshot to use mkdir /root/restore restic -r rclone:remote:Backups restore SNAPSHOTID --target /root/restore Your files will end up in /root/restore
this is what i tried: i was told to use / as location

root@Blohsh:~# restic -r rclone:remote:Backup restore cf5ba3b5 --target /
enter password for repository:
repository 5b6db319 opened successfully, password is correct
restoring <Snapshot cf5ba3b5 of [/] at 2022-07-17 15:11:56.653491307 -0400 EDT by root@Blohsh> to /
rclone: 2022/07/17 15:19:24 ERROR : data/3d/3d33fdf615c36e8e03960b772ee62825663250dc08ed20fb4d5fa734217d503f: Didn't finish writing GET request (wrote 4444908/4449769 bytes): http2: stream closed
rclone: 2022/07/17 15:19:35 ERROR : data/98/98777284ee458935c452b56731dbb92f7f313b03c4011776d68e5b00152f5481: Didn't finish writing GET request (wrote 4977248/5006362 bytes): http2: stream closed

[remote side unexpectedly closed the connection] =( this error is from putty) here i got disconnected from ssh

I guess you also have a question and it is “why isn’t it working?”.
It might be you run into a timeout. If i correctly remember, restic has an option to set the timeout duration. Maybe setting a longer timeout might fix your problem.

“Didn’t finish writing GET request (wrote 4977248/5006362 bytes): http2: stream closed”

this keeps repeating