Great Application


I have been using Restic for a few weeks on different systems and find it very efficient till now specially the multi host backup feature simultaneously.:sunglasses:

I would like to know few things.

Are backups repositories cross platform supported.
Are there any links with borg ( i think am misspelling) because commands look similar. Infact i think that is a bit ahead because is supports compression too.
When is compression feature expected. I think this too is a long awaited.
Any GUI under development for the Restic.

First post too many questions :yum:



While borg and restic share some functionality they are different programs. Compressions is indeed a feature provided by borg which restic doesn’t support. This is a feature which was requested numerous times but hasn’t been implemented yet.

You should keep in mind that the usefulness of compression highly depends on your data. In my case using borg with compression enabled and using restic without compression only resulted in ~5% smaller backups.

Yes. I’ve seen some comments on Github from people working on a GUI, but the only project I can remeber is relica.

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