Go version for restic and rest-server


I’m setting up a brand new backup server, and ponder installing Git and Go to maintain restic and rest-server from source instead of by compiling them on another system and copying it to this server. The purpose would be that I can more easily be up to date with latest versions, and also make minor changes to the code directly on the server, without always having to copy the build from another system. Part lazyness, I suppose :slight_smile:

However, I’m not interested in fiddling around with non-packaged versions of Git and Go on this server, and the current version of Go in the package repository is 1.8.3.

My question is; In this context and the foreseeable future, is Go 1.8.3 perfectly fine for restic, or would it for any reason, in general, be more beneficial to build restic or rest-server using a newer Go (e.g. 1.10 that is the currently latest release)?

I’m guessing it’d be perfectly fine with Go 1.8.3, but I’m curious on a general note anwyay.


What about using docker or the like to build the binary on the system?

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You’re right, that’s an option as well :+1:

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Go 1.8 is fine for both restic itself and the REST server, we’re checking the Go version in build.go:

Right, but is there any relevant differences between using Go 1.8 and Go 1.10? Be it performance, better memory handling, anything.

Not really, apart from maybe faster compile times.