Go get -u github.com/restic/restic

If in go.mod you added some require/replace fixes, a simple go get would work right to install latest? Or am I missing something?

% go get -u github.com/restic/restic
go get: github.com restic restic@v0.9.5 requires
        contrib.go.opencensus.io exporter ocagent@v0.4.3 requires
        github.com census-instrumentation opencensus-proto@v0.1.0-0.20181214143942-ba49f56771b8: invalid pseudo-version: version before v0.1.0 would have negative patch number

ref: https://github.com/Azure/go-autorest/issues/449


never mind found ticket

For anybody stumbling over this in the forum.
As per the maintainers:

There will be attention to the build system in the foreseeable future, so I think this will be fixed then.