** glob does not work for --files-from under Windows. Is this a bug?


If I invoke restic -r b2:someBucket backup c:\absolute\path --files-from include.txt where include.txt contains:


Then I get pattern "**/*.log" does not match any files, skipping when in fact c:\absolute\path\foobar.log exists. If I specify /absolute/path/foobar.log instead it works fine.

What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?

I am using version 0.11.0.

Hmm I’ve never used restic under Windows, but since separator is \ on that environment, could you try it instead of /?
Maybe Go’s glob pattern recognization has some magic there.

I tried and it did not help. Can one of the developers please test this under Windows? It’s looking more and more like a bug.

The answer is simple: there is currently no support for ** in --files-from on any platform. restic uses filepath - The Go Programming Language to match filesnames which doesn’t support expanding **.