Getting faulty packs over and over

I have two disks, both are on ext4 and one of them is used for backup.
After running a backup and running restic check --read-data, I got:

Logs of the check ``` repository f29a2160 opened (version 2, compression level auto) create exclusive lock for repository load indexes [0:00] 100.00% 2 / 2 index files loaded check all packs check snapshots, trees and blobs [0:00] 100.00% 1 / 1 snapshots read all data Pack ID does not match, want d0d769388b61aea23b5889c70b00740e90bad971c85b772374971e01683ed077, got b51f32b6add83d68f36aced813d5622a5c51e5e5acc2e83197e68cd052c71a72 Pack ID does not match, want 91063e473bda1ecf1203a00b969a3fc61ba0381bb5e154b919e56f7dd9c632e7, got f89c92732eddda7885ed3e6fcbcc8c0ca4b062372615e5e0db981900888164ba Pack ID does not match, want 23687c98600062dc667b375193aaa131c674e21ef05ad432fd90a30e88f26994, got 846cb7145bc1830c1badd6eecb5db45a64936004193a65967cfbeae85b91b644 Pack ID does not match, want 64d86579ebcac14a0464e779c636c818785c96da35229b47bf9fc47e7ce7ffcb, got 3eac97c724d240cb7d7811d2390ad3467ba1e12bd69342ab272b970e7babaeb3 Pack ID does not match, want 87fb247f959a67a7f3311d42797ad4e85239d22d702be66c2e23a351117aeab2, got 2746a49903f04513f8fb40764dcb207ada2dfa62088320881dbb1921ae338892 Pack ID does not match, want 8943681e916c4fc9e2c4b5000565b954f7f24be4b8a444e3082027176ed3f6f5, got dfc88ccf5432064cc70acc60df1de95548c7bd07ed39826cfce7ada185c26926 Pack ID does not match, want 29f90ae733d914064ac59f5a07ccb11cd52b5047b18e8d338fa426374e42ac19, got 7ad11bd035a4bc2a2857ab6934715e5c365798d8ac3adf82b3c22905a4f7df4b Pack ID does not match, want 3ac99e905d161f7d6104de23b090d493fb548bb54dcd647ee2dfc8eb142c1292, got 077fcd480049f050221039f605ec4d97c6413c1cfe092f892b553519c2ae4ec3 pack 1b2fb231dcc2e26986a4859d98c0a5c7aed943060fcf16aa1695bab459d87812 contains 2 errors: [blob 092b02432f6799c20e733c5be815c9848f03fc3c118720867748a3382a162226: ciphertext verification failed blob 5afce1d3d5ff02dd4550aec3c32416201a89e50e4f31e46531cd104007a25831: ciphertext verification failed] pack 6bc8a5f8d33c89763dcc731dd0d6d485429244a2f35b2780df7f3e6dc789cd21 contains 1 errors: [blob 7c7f3e0eb3aadfa64392623a0148cd0729bc8a4eb335c2fc2810b0a1e32f7f1b: ciphertext verification failed] pack 2b77b90fa6e4825f5915b335ef995d2870fea2c8ddb715b72ccdf65ef6ee9af0 contains 2 errors: [blob 390320759f5505af4b7a620311ca24739b17492510f08a10a1ea9db3ee44e97a: ciphertext verification failed blob ea101c9a2dc21bbfc0fc789c20911ec559c19baaeb43cd91964509268c28fb86: ciphertext verification failed] Pack ID does not match, want 8bf8a7e82a1ac4391378334a81d369c377e8bcc8ad0095ed476f29521e6154c2, got 0f65a321fb5576b31a0d30825e26f067dcb35cc57ebf6611cebb7fce5047409c Pack ID does not match, want 3d3ea0d028c559369019b6cd64dfa5dbe31b4ec4a4e10028332cb5d368fbcead, got 19f1d494795e9a0093dfd12131fd7e4607fa265f824e010533bfb1d89308b706 Pack ID does not match, want 7e1370cad0f840a9a26331450da11c25d38017858a82537a5101409e7aeeaed3, got 526d44524d843c04127ae3c3f5b304d0f1b01b9db4892f201aae6d07e75a387b [19:58] 100.00% 1152 / 1152 packs Fatal: repository contains errors ```

And I remove faulty packs and blobs with RESTIC_FEATURES=repair-packs-v1 restic repair packs <packid> and restic repair snapshot --forget, and redo the check.
I got other faulty packs that were not faulty at first.

So what can I do to get rid of the faulty pack?

I use Alpine Linux with busybox and glibc. Restic binary is from GitHub. Linux kernel is Linux localserver 6.6.33-0-lts #1-Alpine SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu, 13 Jun 2024 07:49:22 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux.

PS: Sorry for bad English

Which one, though? What is the output of restic version?

The one named restic_0.16.4_linux_amd64.bz2 and version is restic 0.16.4 compiled with go1.21.6 on linux/amd64

Sounds like you want to check your hardware (memory for starters) and/or disk/filesystem? If restic isn’t getting back what it wrote to disk, then there’s something wrong.

Ok I’ll check my hardware, do you have any recommendation of tools to test

You can run a CPU and memory stress test list, prime95, memtest86+ or similar. Also make sure that your system is updated :slight_smile:

Yes, alpine is updated. I’ll do memtest86+ checks tomorrow

I have a problem with my memory, I check to replace it. Thx for help

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Sorry to hear that, but it’s good that you found it :slight_smile: Seems restic is pretty good at finding hardware problems :smiley: