Full Backup with restic

I have a backup of the entire hard drive by

restic -r /loc/repro backup /


However, this takes a very, very long time. It is a 1TB SSD disk to be backed up. The backup target is a 2 TB SSD drive that is connected to the computer via USB-C.

The total duration is more than 10 hours… is this normal or is the command broken/wrong?

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Command is ok. How long it takes depends on your system.

Restic is not really full system drive backup program. You should exclude stuff which can’t be restored etc. it depends on your system again. As you keep all details secret (might be some reason) I suggest you Google for what to exclude.

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To backup 1TB in less than 10 hours (initially) you’d need to backup with at least 30MB/s. Generally restic can do much faster than that (if not CPU starved), and SSD’s too. So, I’d suspect your USB connection to be slower than 30MB/s and culprit for slow backup. Check at which speed you’re writing on backup target SSD, and what is its utilization (if it’s at 100% busy, then you know it can’t go faster than that).

After the initial backup, if your source disk is not changing too much, you might have much better results, even if target SSD is declared rather slow (for writing, especially).

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