Fix for ignoring error for \ invalid child node name error with windows

Restic Version 0.15.1
Windows 11

I think the last post I see about this is from Jan with no solutions. I think I had this problem before, but worked around it by loading a letter network drive during backup and disconnecting.

But in creating a new backup with a windows share like \NAS\Videos, restic will backup the data perfectly fine, but when I restore, I get the invalid child node error like

ignoring error for \ invalid child node name \NAS\Videos

I simply cannot recover the files. Strange is that a program like Restic Browser (on GitHub) can restore from these paths in Windows.

Is this ever going to be fixed? I’m i missing something? Do i need to format the paths differently? or is there some scripting tricks I can do? Really sick of creating letter drives every time i want to backup a share.

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This is issue Restore of UNC Paths within windows failing (reproducible) · Issue #2807 · restic/restic · GitHub . Please report issues on Github and upvote existing ones if you’re also affected.

Turns out, restic can restore from UNC paths if you restore using subfolder syntax like

restore “latest:\nas\videos”

I never use that syntax to restore before so I had no idea. :sweat_smile:

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